Design - Build New House

Berkeley, California


Ralph Hill designed and built this new house in the style of a California craftsman bungalow. In the Arts & Crafts spirit, our approach was to utilize antique and salvaged materials wherever possible. This can be seen in the patio and entry step bricks, which were recycled from an original brick foundation. The cedar shingle exterior typifies the early 20th century craftsman style of the neighborhood.


We used this antique stained glass window, an exciting find salvaged from an old mansion in San Francisco, to give the recessed entry a true Arts & Crafts feel.


We salvaged these giant redwood corbels from an old Victorian house in Sand Francisco, which was being torn down. They appear to be supporting the catilevered second story, but they are actually supporting a framework for the bouganvillea to climb on. The Arts & Crafts tradition is strong on the integration of nature with the house.




Our approach to the dining room & kitchen were to create an open experience of preparing and enjoying a meal, while providing easy access to the natural surroundings of the house via the French doors. The bay window was designed to feature the second of the two stained glass windows we salvaged for the project. The beautiful natural wood vaulted ceiling gives the modest sized room a more spacious and open feeling and harkens back to the natural setting.