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When I was at a loss to find just the right contractor to work on my house in the Oakland hills, my dear friend (and plumber) suggested Ralph Hill. After a brief discussion with Ralph, I engaged him on the spot, and was absolutely delighted with the results.

I have had extensive experience in building and rehabbing residential units in Oakland, and Ashland. My partner and I do a lot of the work. Therefore we know what good work – and good contractors and subs are. This particular house was difficult to work on because: (1) I had drawn the plans – there were no formal “specs” and, (2) it was an owner builder house, well-built but unusual, including walls that ran in and out of plumb, and floors that did the same in the horizontal plane.

Ralph is a joy to work with. He found straightforward, cost-effective ways of dealing with the challenges. He always consulted with me on particular problems – sometimes using my ideas, sometimes his, sometimes a combination – but always being open to suggestions, and being kind and patient when I was stubborn or wrong in my thinking.

Ralph also is a very careful, meticulous craftsman. The quality of his work is extremely methodical and strives for excellence, all of which I appreciate. He brought the job in below the original estimate, so that I could engage him to do more of the tasks. He was on the job when he said he would be, and got things done quickly. He also worked very well with the subs – who were my choices, and with whom he had not worked before.

With all these fine qualities, I also found his rates to be very reasonable.

Ralph Hill has my highest recommendation.

William Genske, My Company
Dear Ralph

I have to send you this enthusiastic letter for taking care of a problem that I thought I could not afford. I want to thank you for your honesty, and maturity in dealing with a rattled client, as well as the quality of your work. The basement did not flood during one of the worst rainy seasons we have had in years! The retaining wall and storage area, the seismic work, the beautiful flagstone patio, and all the rest was done to perfection and I adore you and your crew for it all.

The friends I have recommended you to have all told me what a pleasure it was to work with you and your crew. I will continue to pass your name along whenever the opportunity arises.

You have a wonderful eye for details, and a great work ethic. Thank you and thank you again!

Stuartyboy, Avada Theme
To Whom It May Concern:

I do not hesitate to recommend Ralph Hill for any contracting project you may be considering. My experience with him in the fall of 1995 is unsurpassed by any contractor I have worked with in the past.

Ralph built a new deck off the back of our home here in North Berkeley. When we first met him, we were impressed with his soft spokeness and the thoroughness he demonstrated in looking over the project for his initial estimate. He encouraged us to look at other houses in the neighborhood to see his work. We took him up on his suggestion and were impressed by what we saw. His bid was fair and concise.

Ralph worked with his crew every day and they put in full days. They came to work at the time they said they would. They were considerate about keeping the work site clean, and didn’t have loud music playing all day long.

Communication is one of Ralph’s best assets. When there were change orders, he explained to us, in layman’s terms, what our options were and how much each would cost. Again, I wholeheartedly recommend Ralph Hill.

Strata1, Avada Theme
Dear Ralph,

As our house addition and remodel project nears completion Rick and I want to thank you for all your contributions. We felt an immediate rapport at our first “contractor interview”; and now FIVE YEARS LATER, we think of you as part of our family. Any couple that has gone through the peculiar joys and horrors of an extended home improvement project, and are still together to talk about it, will acknowledge the process as one of the most stressful life experiences imaginable. It doesn’t help that the torture is both voluntary and expensive.

In general we are grateful for your professionalism, e.g. your expertise, reliability, and honest. Perhaps there are many contractors out there who can be called professional in these terms (for the innocent homeowner we can only hope!). However, we feel that your involvement with us, and with our project, went beyond the general. Examples: working with us as “owner builders”, steering us through the maze of planning and permits and inspections – when it would have been easier for you to do it yourself, but more expensive for us; phasing the project between our labor and yours; making suggestions to save us money and effort; many hours of phone consultations working out design and construction problems; referrals to resources and people to get the job done. I’m sure that you often despaired –as we certainly did – that this “longest ongoing construction project in the east Bay” would never reach completion. And it’s to your credit that you cared. But then you’d get a phone call, “Ralph, we’re ready to start the next phase!”. So now we’ve just about run out of phases – just a retaining wall in the back yard and a bit of finish work.

Ralph, thank you for your hard work, support, patience, and generosity – and the roof over our heads (and for helping us keep our heads). Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.

Dear Ralph,

Many thanks for your letter.

We could not be happier with the results of your contracting services. Simply stated, your work was consistently of the highest quality, a fact which we appreciate more each day. Because our renovation turned out to be more complex than originally anticipated, we experienced firsthand your excellent analytical and problem – solving abilities, as well as the various innovative design changes which you made to the original plans. We especially want to commend your imaginative design and execution of the outdoor stairs. They are both elegant and extremely user friendly.

Throughout the job, we particularly valued how effectively and respectfully you interacted with each and every person you encountered: all the sub contractors and workers, our family members (including the dogs!) and neighbors; and of course us. This meant a lot to us and made us realize what a rare individual you are in any profession. We were, and remain, impressed and very grateful for your outstanding work.

Best regards to you and your family.

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Ralph Hill because we would like to highly recommend Ralph to anyone considering hiring a contractor to do work on their home or business. Ralph built the addition to our home in 1984. At that time, Patt was approximately 6 months pregnant and we needed extra space for our expanding family. We had planned this addition before I met Ralph. I met Ralph playing golf, and we had not known each other very long when we found ourselves in a bind because our chosen contractor was overextended and unable to get our project done within our desired time frame. Ralph was able to quickly give us a bid and work the job into his schedule. It was asking a lot of Ralph to finish within 3 months, and he got right to work and got the job done on time.

During the construction process, Ralph and his crew were total professionals. They were amazingly considerate of our needs and situation. Living in a house while having an upstairs addition done is stressful enough under any circumstances, but Patt was pregnant and needed rest. Everyone who worked on the project went out of their way to be considerate of Patt and tried to do their work with as little disruption and noise as possible. The crew was always reliable, arrived on time, and put in full days until the job was done. If for any reason Ralph had to leave to check on other projects, he let us know he would not be there and told us who would be on site of we needed anything. The job was completed on time, and the craftsmanship was excellent. Several architects we know who saw the work in progress were very impressed with the quality of the job. Ralph did not cut any corners to save a few dollars – everything was done right and Ralph (being a designer himself) improved on the plans in little ways which made a big difference in the finished project. To this day we feel we got top quality craftsmanship at a good price, and we do not think we could have hired anyone else who could have done as good a job as Ralph did. We were very lucky things worked out the way they did for us.

We recommend Ralph Hill without any hesitation. The work he does is terrific, he is reliable and trustworthy. Over the years Ralph and I have become good friends and golfing buddies, and I can vouch for his character on both a personal and professional level. Ralph is a throwback to the “good old days” when doing things right and doing them well really counted.